I have been writing short articles on improving local government and will be continuing to do so.  But I thought I should take a moment and try to explain why I’m doing this.

In part, it is because we are living in exponential times.  An implication of living in exponential times is that levels of performance that were good enough in the past are unlikely to be good enough in the near future.

The following is a relatively well-known video that provides some context for the claim that we are living in exponential times:

It’s hard to watch this video and still believe that the level of performance we see in Washington, D.C., or in Olympia, WA is going to be sufficient to allow us to maintain the high standard of living we have been enjoying since the 1950’s.

So change is coming.  I think it’s best to start preparing.  We can do that by learning how to effect positive change in the systems closest to us.  For me, that is in myself, in my family, and in local government.