usmcvideoI’ve been on a tear the past few days writing primarily about our city government here in Woodinville.

I’m continuing this trend but in this short post I simply want to call attention to a (by now well-known) video describing another TOC success story.

The video describes outstanding results achieved by the US Marine Corps repair facility in Albany, Georgia.  This facility overhauls complex equipment for the Marines.  This is a highly complex project environment.

You might think our small city has almost nothing in common with such an environment, but if you did, you’d be wrong.  Both the City of Woodinville and the repair facility are examples of complex multi-project environments.  The big difference is that, today, the repair facility is a high-performing environment where projects flow through the facility quickly and where managers have the information they need to manage well.  We are not yet at this point in Woodinville, but I’m hopeful that someday we will be making our own success story video.

The video can be found here.