Council Members sometimes end up on opposite sides of an issue

Is this really the best we can do?

At a City Council meeting back in February our Council Members found themselves on opposite sides of an issue. No surprise in that, right?  Council Members routinely find themselves on opposite sides of complex issues.

What irks me is the stubborn insistence that this is the best we can do.  That’s bullshit, pure and simple.

So I took this dispute as an opportunity to develop an Evaporating Cloud diagram of the problem.  I also developed a short video that explained the cloud and, by side effect, showed much of the process I follow when I use the EC in my daily work.

I suppose I’m tilting at windmills, but I think the City Staff should be to preparing dilemma diagrams (clouds) like this one when they bring issues before the Council.  This would be a much better way of framing the problems they are bringing before the Council and would help the Council to be better able to understand and discuss the Staff’s thinking.